And A Right Royal Welcome To Our New Contributor – The Duchess Of High Tea – Sunita Martin

Salutations my people, this is your Duchess speaking.  Allow myself to introduce….myself.
My name is Sunny and I am a BIG fan of the high tea.  I have been all over the world trying out different high teas in my time and am now in the process of helping my workplace, The Library Café in Onehunga, in perfecting their high tea.
I am also a baking fiend, and you’d do well to keep on my good side and live nearby to me as I bake a lot and test new things and invent constantly, but because I have Diabetes, I can’t actually take that step to know it is perfection.  And my husband is kind of getting sick of being the guinea pig.  I may not be able to take joy in my creations, but I sure enjoy seeing other people enjoy them! To learn more about me and my work you can visit the following sites:
And to book for one of our exclusive events:
Love and sweet delights,
Duchess Sunny XXX

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