Hello Newmarket – you glorious goddess….

Good morning darlings! It’s Monique Bradley the High Tea Queen *waves regally* writing to you from Newmarket! Popped over to this gorgeous place for a meeting and was introduced to a couple of fab venues! Mojo Coffee Garage….LOVE! Great venue and outstandingly good coffee. Love the decor (hopefully, you’ve seen the images coming through? If not, check out my Tumblr account: http://thehighteaqueen.tumblr.com/) The sun was streaming through the venue which made my eyes water a little, but BY JINGOES – WE’VE GOT SUN!!!!!! So, nothing to complain about! Check out their website: http://www.mojocoffee.co.nz/mojo-cgr/

The second amazing venue is this boutique coffee space called ‘Volt Espresso’. Their coffee is an industrial strength hit of goodness…..oooohhhhhh yeah…..me like!
I grabbed a couple of snaps and will pop back to interview them. Wat I loved about this space is the people. Kev and Janet are a top team – Kev the dynamo and Janet the cool, calm and collected vibe in the space. Maybe they’re like this everyday? Or maybe not? Who knows? I just liked them. What I liked most is that Kev made the time to know people by name and introduced himself to new customers to find out who they are and their story. Relationship building is one of my key values to look at in successful business. Kev – you’re doing a great job! Coffee fab, vibe exciting and the place is BUSY!! Great indoor outdoor flow and I will definitely go back!
Check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VoltEspresso

Now to try and calm down after all this coffee! SUCH FUN!!
Till next time,
The High Tea Queen *waves regally*

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