Introducing The Duchess Of High Tea: Sunita Martin

941431_394502497333564_1692414828_nSalutations my people, this is your Duchess speaking. Allow myself to introduce….myself.

My name is Sunny and I am a BIG fan of the high tea. I have been all over the world trying out different high teas in my time and am now in the process of helping my workplace, The Library Café in Onehunga, in perfecting their high tea.

I am also a baking fiend, and you’d do well to keep on my good side and live nearby to me as I bake a lot and test new things and invent constantly, but because I have Diabetes, I can’t actually take that step to know it is perfection. And my husband is kind of getting sick of being the guinea pig. I may not be able to take joy in my creations, but I sure enjoy seeing other people enjoy them!

For those of you that don’t know The Library Café, it is the place to be for all your allergy-friendly goods! We are completely nut free, we cater to gluten-free people and with advanced notice will actively research into your special diet so you don’t have to miss out on lunch or dinner with friends. Just last week I had to invent a high tea setting for 17 people with one person being on the paleo diet. That means no dairy, no gluten, and no grains. I actually have fun researching and coming up with recipes and ideas for the “difficult” customers.

So with that in mind, I guess you could say I am the person to come to when you want something spectacular when you need something omitted. And with me, you won’t get boring! I will test and trial until I get what I want. My latest accomplishment being nut-free French macaron. Those of you that love sweets will know the base of macaron is almonds, but then how can anaphylactics ever experience such deliciousness? I thought it unfair and I managed to perfect the recipe using sunflower seeds which are proven to not cause anaphylactic shock. So far I have had chocolate, strawberry and orange on the menu and people can’t tell the difference. This weekend I will be trying out Matcha Green Tea!

Other popular creations are my Sesame Street cupcakes for the kids. SO far I have Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster down pat. Going to be working on The Count tonight for a big birthday order of them at the café tomorrow. Another couple of trial projects for tonight are a Raspberry Pink Ombre cake with cream cheese frosting and a gluten-free Chocolate Ombre cake with gluten-free chocolate frosting.

I slap-dashed up a rainbow layer cake for my friend’s birthday on Wednesday too, always looks magnificent when it gets cut into.61344_555481194465726_1846160432_n

So enjoy my pics of my various creations and if you want some almond or nut-free macaron, head to my baking Facebook page called “Fancy Pants”, I have a special running at the moment for 24 assorted flavour macaron delivered to your door.

Love and sweet delights,

Duchess Sunny xoxo

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