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Loaded Chicken Breast

Loaded Chicken Breast

This could not be any easier. This is guaranteed to impress your friends and leave people thinking you were a Masterchef Finalist. Freaking tasty and cost effective if you can find chicken on special. Give it a whirl and let me know your thoughts!!

This is based on a single serving – and this is just a suggested combination

  • 1 chicken breast
  • Cheese: could be brie, camembert, mozzarella – in fact I just used the plain old tasty cheese from the fridge!
  • Pesto
  • Ham
  • 1 egg – to be used as an egg wash

Soak your chicken breast in saltwater for around 10 mins. This washes away the yucky stuff on the chicken and I found it easier to handle

Method 1: oven baked

Set oven to 200 degrees celsius

Butterfly the breast and cover with glad wrap

Smash the crap out of it till it’s thinner but not as thin as schnitzel

Cover the inside with pesto, a layer of cheese and ham. OR you could use pesto, sun dried tomatoes OR olive tapenade with sundried tomatoes. OR brie and some low carb cranberry jelly. In fact, go crazy with your combinations

Close it up and secure with toothpicks

Place on a baking tray covered with baking paper

Cover with egg wash made from egg whisked in a bowl

Bake on one side from 12-15 mins, turn over and bake for a further 5 mins

Check to make sure cooked through

Serve with vegetables

Method 2: pan fried

All steps remain the same however, once you’ve added your fillings, starting from the edge, roll from the outside to the inside like pinwheel scones

Roll up tight in cling film and tie ends

Chill in fridge for 10 mins

Take out of fridge and remove film

Pour some almond meal onto a small, flat plate

Place chicken roll in bowl of egg wash and fully cover

Roll chicken in almond meal and fully cover

On your stove top, heat avocado or olive oil in a pan

Place chicken in hot oil and turn every couple of minutes till cooked

Method 3: hassle back

Instead of butterflying your chicken, cut slices widthways through the top, not quite all the way through

Load each section with a little pesto, cheese and ham – or whatever is your favourite combination

Bake as per instructions listed above