New Video! – Finding Happy VLOG – TIPS FOR CONFIDENCE

This video, presented by Monique Bradley discusses tips on how to boost your confidence success and happiness! In this VLOG Monique discusses the effects of confidence on your life and success and tips you can use to boost your personal empowerment. Watch it here.

Monique Bradley (BA) was first published at the age of 12 and is a multi award winning actor, singer, children’s entertainer and MC and has delivered lectures in the power of conscious language choices, communication styles, the benefits of storytelling for early childhood development and educates people in learning about their own personality strengths. Monique is also a spokesperson for the website Monique and partner Pete Ward are the creators of the GET A LIFE platform – a website designed to help those who are interested in writing their new life story, just like they did.
Monique and Pete are also the brains behind STARLIGHT MEDIA HOUSE: The story people, helping you tell your story.
AND you can find their stories in music form:
Here’s a transcript:
In my work as a presenter and empowerment coach, I often hear stories of those who are lacking in confidence, who feel unable to speak up for themselves, define their personal boundaries or even say no. I’ve even been that person myself as I struggled for years with confidence issues and low self esteem. So I thought today I would share my tips that I developed to help myself feel good and get out there again!

Firstly, there’s a difference between people who are out-going or extrovert and those who are actually confident and this is often confused. For example, I’m a competent speaker and in my last 20 years of professional speaking and performance, this was actually masking my lack of confidence and understanding of my own value. Often extrovert people carry as much of a lack of confidence as introverts.

True confidence or empowerment comes from knowing who you are and being proud of it. By ‘not letting the voices of others drown out your own inner voice’ a quote that was beautifully delivered by the late Steve Jobs.

In fact, if you’re looking for tips to build your own personal power, get ready my friends, because here’s the tips I use every day.

1. Learn to say NO. Empowered and confident people make choices that positively affect their life, their wellness and align with their core values and beliefs. AND saying no most often opens the door to yes. How do I know? I do it all the time. Respect yourself and learn to say NO at the right time and mean it! It’s a fantastic way to define your boundaries and people respect you more once they know where you stand with YOU.

2. Why put off till tomorrow, what you can do today?? Why wait till monday? Make one conscious choice today and feel your power instantly rise!

3. Face your fear. This is a little bit like the last point of putting something off until tomorrow. The longer you wait to go to the dentist for example, the bigger trauma you actually create in your mind. Face your fear and conquer it!

4. Define your identity. One of the biggest confidence boosters for me was actually learning about my inherent personality traits and how my ability to speak in front of people – as an example – actually had value!

5. Make time for YOU. Putting yourself first may seem selfish or self absorbed for some people, however even in the safety message on the aeroplanes, they tell you that if an oxygen mask falls down in front of you that you must put your on first before helping anyone else!

Developing confidence and your sense of personal power is about realising your potential, celebrating your uniqueness and maximising on your awesomeness. If you’re confident in yourself, you’ll make better conscious choices, you’ll set goals, you’ll know your limits and boundaries and respect them, as well as making a better positive impact on the world. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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