Nothing says ‘LOVE’ like a freshly baked cupcake

Greetings to you from the High Tea Queen *waves regally*

Well, I adore cupcakes and other baked goods and as it was my partners birthday yesterday, I felt it was a good time to celebrate! AND CUPCAKES were a great choice thanks to the wonderful team at Frangipani Cupcakes in Auckland. How many of our major celebrations are attached to some sort of feast? Think about it…birthday’s, weddings, christenings, funerals…they are celebrated the same in almost every culture!  So yesterday we devoured Red Velvet cupcakes with Chocolate (and Pink) butter cream frosting….WOW is all I can say….totally amazing and enjoyed by everyone who was lucky enough to get a bite! To read more about it and to hear my thoughts on birthdays and the emotion that goes with them, visit my blog:

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