Hey! I'm Monique and I'm a TV presenter, webTV host, product demonstrator and TV shopping expert.

The first thing I hear from people is 'Oh I wish I could say that like you did!'  Yes, I have a fun job. I test products, create advertising video content or go on camera and talk about brands. I also interview people, demonstrate products and I LOVE TO SELL! I can honestly say I love my job and it's something that I truly feel I was born to do!

I have grown a social media following across multiple platforms since sharing my story of losing over 40 kilos in weight and transforming my life and my health.  Over the last 3 years I've connected with more than 100 million people worldwide through creative content and targeted advertising sharing how people can make their lives easier, happier, healthier or just more fabulous!

About me

I'm an influencer, presenter, WebTV host and professionally trained speaker

Monique Bradley in Red Jacket

I started professional voice coaching and public speaking training when I was just 8 years old and my expertise is in the art of engagement and authentic storytelling which activates people to buy! Sound exciting?  

As an experienced TV shopping host and online influencer, my job is to inform, educate and entertain, answer questions, remove barriers to sales, generate new leads and traffic to your website and boost the heck out of the content to help your brand become the one remembered. I see my role as a pivotal step in your ideal clients sales journey.  If you're ready to get more eyes on your brand start here.

My Work

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy

Through sharing my story of transformation across my digital platforms, I've grown a following, primarily across Facebook and Instagram, who are mostly women like me: aged between 35 and 50 and all looking for ways to make their life happier, healthier and more fabulous. 

My job, as an influencer, is to share ideas on how to do that. It could be through inspiration, education, motivation or demonstration! Each of my followers is potentially your new customer. I work with people, brands and businesses to create content that focusses on solving my followers pain points.  This can help with brand awareness, lead generation and sales. 

To do this, I have a degree in theatre and film, a post grad in film and TV production as well as digital marketing qualifications, so unlike most influencers, I'm professionally qualified to create and deliver compelling and authentic content via social posts, blogs, cross promotions and online competitions, infomercials, advertorials, Live Streamed product demonstrations, digital video content creation, as well as live event demonstrations and location based promotions.  Plus I can work with you on how to get that content to reach more people.

Basically, If you don't know how to say it, what to write or how to promote it, that's what I can do for you.

How do we work together?

Firstly: we need to work out your desired outcome

What do you need?

  1. Are you looking for more social media followers?
  2. Are you looking to introduce your brand to a new audience? 
  3. Are you looking for shareable content?
  4. Are you looking for content to be used on your own channels?
  5. Are you looking for content to be used on your website?
  6. Are you looking for cross promoted content, where we share content and a campaign together?
  7. Are you wanting more traffic to your website?
  8. Are you looking for more direct sales?

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My Channel Statistics

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LIVE Stream Shows

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FB video impressions

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Content Services

Secondly, we need to work out what you NEED.

I can work with you to create

  • A photo post or boomerang video
  • A blog on my site dedicated to your products as a review or testimonial, which also may be used on your site
  • A co - branded giveaway or competition
  • A 15 second promo video
  • A demonstration video or onsite advertorial
  • A testimonial video for use on your site and channels, cross promoted through mine
  • A TV style commercial for use in Facebook, Youtube and Instagram
  • A live streamed demonstration show or interview
  • A TV shopping show featuring your products with call to action driving people to your site, your business or store

PLUS if you want to get the best out of your content, I have access to a leading edge online advertising company to help you get the results you want!

Examples Of My Work

Live Streamed Cooking Show


Short Form Demonstration Video

Onsite Video Promo


15 Second Social Media Promo

Beauty Product Demonstration

Live With Masterchef Ray McVinnie

Live With Naturopath Lynette Hill

Working With Your Brand's Channels

When I partner with a brand, I believe the most important skill I bring to the partnership is to be the face and name of the brand in a way that is consistent with their brand guidelines.  I develop my scripts in line with client supplied guidelines in a way that enhances the brand message and showcases the brand in the best possible light to a new audience. This can then be used on their own branded channels.

So, whether you want to have content created and delivered through my platforms to attract new eyes to your brand, or distribute that content on your channels to remind and activate your followers to buy, great content is the key. The amount of distribution, reach and engagement is the key to success.

Again, if this sounds a little overwhelming, I can make the whole thing easy for you.

That's what the 'Easy Living With Monique Bradley' brand is all about.

Event Services


Minimum 1 hour booking + part thereof charge subsequent hours




  • Minimum 1 hour booking ($500)
  • $250 per hour (or part thereof) thereafter
  • Pre event research time
  • Call To Action reminders during event
  • Auction hosting
  • Sponsor shout outs
  • Pre event and post event social posts

LIVE streamed product demonstrations




  • Pre production research 
  • On camera demonstration
  • Call To Action graphics
  • Promotion through Monique Bradley social channels
  • Camera and production billed separately
  • Suitable for shorter content for social posts

* All prices PLUS GST in New Zealand

Case Studies

Case Study: Claire Turnbull And Kenwood

Working with Kenwood through the PR company, Saatchi & Saatchi in Auckland, I co-hosted a 30 minute demonstration of the latest Kenwood food processor, the FPM810, with nutritionist Claire Turnbull.  After the broadcast, 3 x 15 second social adverts were created from the content and reached a combined audience of over 80,000 sets of eyes.

Working through partner channels, I can also give your brand access to appearing in the other multiple live streamed shows that I am involved in essentially cross promoting your brand to a targeted audience.  You can take advantage of this opportunity through short form advertising slots, competitions and promotions with product placements and demonstrations within other live stream broadcasts I deliver.  

Contact me directly to find out more and keep reading to see examples of how it works. 

Case Study: Ray McVinnie

Working with Masterchef judge Ray McVinnie, I co-hosted his live streamed cooking demonstrations from his kitchen every month.  During these broadcasts my role was to field questions from multiple social media feeds and work with Ray to answer those questions in as real time as possible, engaging the social audience even further.  And yes, I got to taste the results.

Case Study: Guide To Better Shopping Channel

Guide To Better Shopping is my day job and something I love. I get to shop and talk about shopping all day, every day.  As a presenter I can take viewers through all of the features and benefits of products, showing them why they need them and help them find the best products at exceptional prices. It's called 'social shopping' and is great for attracting new leads and getting sales. 

Meet Caroline Sandford

I have worked with Monique in making videos for my Online Career course from Love Your Career. Monique was amazing - coached me in the language to use, put me at ease in front of the camera, and worked with me to make a product that I am incredibly proud of.  Monique is a professional in every way and I highly recommend her and the incredible experience that she brings.


Caroline Sandford
Love Your Career

What Others Say


It was inspirational. Watching Monique speak for half an hour was exciting and I didn’t want the show to end.

It got me revved up to be so much more enthusiastic about my business and made me proud of my products.

Jan Turley


Monique gave me exposure to other markets and quality interaction with new potential clients.

Via several live streams and events people knew who I was, what I stood for and how I could best serve them in their lives. 

Rachael Thompson


What a wonderful experience live streaming with Monique has been! Not only I feel more camera ready but it really launched my brand! I got many business leads and recognition and highly recommend her to anybody that wants to have their business seen!

Romina Lilley
Romina From Argentina

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