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I'm a foodie, a TV presenter and webTV host, digital marketing coach and entrepreneur and I've lost over 40 kilo's in weight!

Monique Bradley: entrepreneur, weightloss, digital coach

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Do you feel like you could DO MORE and BE MORE? That's how I've felt for most of my life. I believe in 'making the rest of your life, the best of your life' and to do that, I consciously explore ways to make my own life better, which I love to share with the rest of the world! It could be with a new recipe that supports my health, a mindset hack, a productivity tool, or a fantastic new product that makes life happier, healthier or more fabulous!

SO: what's happening for you? Where are you at? Are you challenged on your weight loss journey? Are you an undiscovered entrepreneur living day by day going round on the hamster wheel?  Do you have a burning desire to grow yourself as an influencer or have you created a business that you're ready to take to the rest of the world? If so, this site is for you. I'm ready to share my 25 year journey of weight loss, wellness, entrepreneurship and mind hacking to help you achieve your results.  

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Low carb, Keto, healthy and Diabetes friendly options

Love FOOD? Me too! I grew up in a kitchen with a cooking teacher mother so was always encouraged to bake and create. The biggest challenge I've had over the years is trying to find the right foods to fuel my body and fuel my mind. For me and most of the people I've connected with, a reduced carb diet has worked well. It doesn't mean I live off bacon, eggs and butter, but I DO focus on a good balance of PLANT, PROTEIN and FAT. My daily diet is sugar free, diabetes friendly, low GI and full of non starch vegetables. This routine works well for my body and has helped me get my weight under control, reduce my IBS and diminished my brain fog!!

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Here's a selection of some of my most popular recipes and if you want to find out more about low carb, what my daily eating routine looks like and a few recipes to get you started, add your details into the download box below. I'll send it your way!



Running out of food ideas and inspiration? Do you struggle with how to dress for your body shape?  Want to know where to eat, what to buy, where to shop or how to GROW you and your business? That's what my web TV channel is all about.

For the last few years I've been sharing tips and tricks that have helped me literally transform my life! Click the pink button below to head to my channel on Youtube, powered by YourFix.TV


Entrepreneur and business tips and ideas to help you master your mindset

Looking for the best business and productivity tools? Would you love to learn what it takes to be an influencer? Are you an entrepreneur or network marketer looking to understand your personal brand or develop your WHY? After 25 years of being self employed, I know how hard it is to keep hustling, so I've decided to share what has actually worked for me.  I'm a qualified digital marketer and have been co-owner of a digital company for the last 8 years. From planners to templates that you can download and use, here's what you need to take the next step to create a life you love and make the LIVING you deserve.


Fitness and wellness ideas and products worth trying

Want to know how to take your personal life to the next level? Here I share all the other good stuff, from products worth trying to insightful blogs on life hacks and so much more! This is all about making your life happier, healthier, fitter and more FABULOUS!

Love shopping?

Me too! As a former host of a TV shopping channel, I'm obsessed with great products at the best prices!

I'm now working with the team at 'Guide To Better Shopping' who have scoured the globe and handpicked items I love and I know you'll love too. There's also a selection of the best NZ made products that deliver on their promises. From natural and organic NZ skincare, to kitchen gadgets, makeup and accessories, clothing, exercise gear, jewellery and so much more!  And the best part: I'm testing these products personally to ensure they work for you, so come shopping with me during a live stream! Even I'm amazed at the prices!

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