The Conscious Communicator


Kia ora. I'm Monique Bradley. I'm passionate about words and the impact they have in our lives.

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Do you often find it difficult to connect with others or feel like you're not being understood? If so, you're not alone.

Communication challenges can arise in various settings, whether it's with co-workers, clients, or even family members. However, by becoming more conscious of the words and language we use, we can transform our communication, improve our interpersonal connections, and even change our lives for the better.

How do I know? Because I've experienced it myself.

As a keynote speaker, MC, Communications Coach, and TV presenter, my mission is to inspire individuals to find their voice, harness the power of language, and share meaningful stories.

From working with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and senior leaders to teachers, students, and teams, I've found that at the core of effective communication lies our ability to share our stories consciously with ourselves and others.

"Conscious Communication is about understanding the words that we say and the impact of what they mean." 

As a communication expert, I help people unlock the power of their words through my trainings, coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements. Through an exploration of both text and subtext, I help individuals gain a deeper understanding of the impact of their words and the importance of conveying genuine meaning. By developing skills in presentation and conscious delivery, my clients are able to create an authentic and cohesive voice or brand that builds trust with their audience. Whether speaking to colleagues, clients, or friends, my clients gain confidence in their ability to connect with others and communicate their message effectively.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, and learn how to deliver your messages authentically and meaningfully. Together, we can achieve communication breakthroughs that will propel you towards success in all aspects of life.

how can I help you and your business?

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Whether it's in real life or online, I've hosted events and workshops of all sizes and for all ages!  

From working actively as an MC across NZ to TV hosting, Live stream and podcast hosting and entertaining audiences for a number of organisations, I bring events together, sharing key messages or facilitating effective communications workshops.


Partnerships & PROMOTIONS

As a specialist in product demonstrations, interview host for TV and the internet, live cooking demonstrator and social media content creator, I can work with you and your brand to create memorable and engaging content.

No audience? No worries!  I've reached more than 200 million people, so let's work together!

coaching & workshops

Ready to get yourself, your brand or your products 'out there' but not sure where to start? Head over to the Accidental Marketers Academy hosted by myself and Pete Ward at! 

Through coaching and workshops, we help business owners and entrepreneurs learn all they need to know to get themselves 'out there' like a pro! 

Maya Angelou said: "People will forget what you said. But they will never forget how you made them feel. Words are the conduit that enables this to happen.