Keynote Speaker & MC

Monique Bradley Keynote Speaker and MC

Keynote Speaker and MC

There's nothing I love more than to tell a story and activate audiences to laugh, cry or just FEEL. It makes both your message and your event memorable. As a Speaker and MC my mission is to bring the essence of theatre, play and authenticity into the business and professional world, through the stories, education or ideas that I share. Thanks to many years of professional training and experience, combined with my natural ability to improvise and create meaningful connections with audiences, every show or presentation that I deliver is fresh and ALIVE. 

As a Speaker, from hilarious life lessons I've learned while working in live TV to insights on understanding communication and authenticity, my goal is to guide audiences through the intricacies of 'character' and how to create and portray the best version of YOU. During my keynotes, audiences discover the 'ME' model, the power of state management, learn how to craft a SHOW UP Plan, and even gain wisdom from Te ao Māori.

As an MC, I love establishing connections with my audiences while ensuring that featured speakers, guests, key stakeholders or sponsors get the recognition they deserve.

With infectious energy and a dash of humour, I always try to ensure that learning and growth become an enjoyable adventure. So get ready to explore the magic, mystery, and my undeniable 'Moniqueness' that I am honoured to share with the world, where the stage is my playground, and stories are my tools of transformation. Ka mau te wehi!

Speaker Topics

Monique Bradley Keynote Speaker and MC

Conscious Communication

Have you ever stopped to think about the stories you tell yourself? The narratives that have been etched into the very fabric of your being, shaping your beliefs, choices, and actions? I certainly have, and what I've discovered is nothing short of extraordinary. Welcome to the world of Courageous Communication, where personal narratives take centre stage, and self-limiting beliefs have the power to be transformed into a force for good.

In this keynote, I share how the stories we learn about ourselves and our identity shape how we show up in the world and how, through re-writing my own story, I saved my own life.

This keynote speech focuses on the importance of a practice called 'Conscious Communication' in our personal and professional lives and covers the key components of intentionality, clarity, context, active listening, authenticity, and presence. The audience are presented with thought-provoking ideas designed to create greater self-awareness around how they may be communicating with other and themselves, and challenge self-limiting paradigms, resulting in opening a doorway into more fulfilling communication skills in all areas of their lives.

"You are the central character of your life. Make sure you're the one holding the pen and writing the screenplay.'

Monique Bradley Keynote Speaker and MC

Connected Communication

Picture this: a workplace where communication flows seamlessly, conflicts are resolved swiftly, and team members collaborate effortlessly. It might sound like a utopian dream, but it's closer to reality than you might think. Welcome to the world of Connected Communication, an important pillar of the 'Conscious Communication' journey where we explore the transformative power of enhancing workplace communication, paving the way for stronger relationships, enhanced teamwork, and unparalleled success.

I have worked with and led many teams over the years and the key to my success was my ability to hold my own 'state' or presence, and authentically honour whoever showed up. Authenticity builds trust, and trust builds stronger teams.

So how do we achieve that in our post-Covid, somewhat fractured organisations? Through empowering people to uncover their own unique identity and voice. Because success isn't about making all voices sing in the same style......Harmony is achieved by ensuring that all voices are singing from the same song sheet.

This hilarious, interactive keynote is the perfect 'after lunch' pick me up, guaranteed to leave audiences feeling connected, seen, heard and appreciated.

Uncovering Authenticity

This topic: my passion project - and also the basis of my Masters in Creative Practice is both hilarious and thought-provoking. How do we 'show up' in our own lives? Are we portraying a caricature of ourselves, at home or at work so we can fit in?

To be honest, that's exhausting.  

This keynote focuses on the sensitive nature of our identity and how we operate and has been designed specifically to cater to the needs of Neurotypical and Neurodiverse audiences looking to understand each other, better. Our unique thinking dynamics and neural wiring means that no two brains are the same, which can lead to misunderstanding, mistrust and miscommunication. 

As someone who identifies as 'Neurofabulous', my goal is to normalise conversations around the 'Neuroverse', honouring every brain for its uniqueness and the gifts that it brings to the world while sharing modes of operation on how to navigate between the neurotypical and neurodiverse worlds effortlessly, helping people develop unwavering faith and confidence in their own abilities, and the courage to articulate their needs. 

I can guarantee your audiences will feel seen, heard, acknowledged and empowered. This keynote also includes a complimentary follow-up, and downloadable workbook to further embed the key messages and learnings.