Monique Bradley Communications Coach

How can One on One Coaching work for you?

So how can we work together? 

Your stories matter and unlocking the stories that both hinder and help us 'step up' as the most authentic and empowered versions of ourselves, is the key to defining how you show up in the world, enabling you to carve your pathway to success.

As a specialist in communication, I offer:

  • Presentation, confidence and speaker coaching
  • Coaching for leaders on how to enhance communication in the workplace 
  • How to use storytelling and effective and authentic communication in your sales process and promotions
  • And most importantly: clarity around the communication and stories you tell yourself.

Utilising a unique toolkit of modalities and leaning on both my theatrical background, professional public speaking and communication training, and research into how the brain works to support the formation of personality, confidence and authenticity, as well as complimentary practices such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Wealth Dynamics profiling, my clients discover their authentic voice, their confidence and a new mode of operating as the central character of their lives. 

Ideal for those wanting a deeper look at their personality type, strengths, challenges and areas of growth, coaching also includes strategies to create a bespoke success pathway and overflows into all areas of life: both professional and personal.

What's covered in Monique's coaching?

  • How to develop confidence and self esteem
  • Dealing with self limiting beliefs
  • Mastering conscious and intentional communication
  • State management and resilience
  • Conscious 're-wiring'
  • Creating impact as a speaker and communicator
  • How to leverage  challenges as opportunities for growth
  • Uncovering passion, purpose, mission and goals
  • Authentic leadership
  • Mindfulness and developing authentic connections
  • Positive programming and motivation
  • How to use your stories as a springboard for success

And so much more!  At the core of your success is YOU.

By tapping into and connecting with your authentic and amazing self, you'll experience profound transformations across all areas of your life.

Investment: One off Strategy / Coaching Session: $340*

10-session coaching package: $2900*
Includes Wealth Dynamics Profiling Test valued at $97 USD + access to exclusive online resources

*ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX WHERE APPLICABLE. Sessions run for up to 90 minutes and can be in person or online. If travel is required outside of Auckland, additional travel and accommodation expenses will need to be covered. Spaces are limited.