Hi there. I’m Monique Bradley.

Ko Monique Bradley tōku ingoa – He kaikorero ahau.
I’m Monique Bradley – I’m a storyteller.

Monique Bradley Keynote SpeakerI always laugh about the fact that I felt that I was born with a million words inside my body – but it’s true – and I have spent my life studying and playing with words and stories, exploring their power and potential.

I trained as an actor and one of my greatest lessons was understanding the relationship between text and subtext. Text being the words we say and subtext, the unspoken emotion or intention behind them.

Communication is really just a big loop between a sender and receiver. When your text and subtext aligns you come across as authentic, real and present. When they don’t align, because you’re masking your feelings or wanting to appear as someone else, intuitively, the recipient in this feedback loop FEELS it, leading to mistrust, misunderstanding and miscommunication.

I’ve gone from actor to TV presenter and now speaker and educator, and I bring this essence of my theatre practice into Te Ao Pakihi – the business world – to help people show up authentically at work – through my Connected Communication keynote and workshops. This focuses on Culture, Conflict and creating harmony through Connection.

I help business owners and entrepreneurs confidently show up in their media and marketing with my Congruent Communication keynote and workshops, which focuses on how to gain Attention, safely build Authenticity and presence and how to build Authority in your industry.

And finally I speak about the most important communication of all: Courageous Communication– which is actually the stories we tell ourselves. This keynote focuses on Self Awareness, Self Actualisation and activating audiences to step into the world of authentic Self Expression.

In that keynote, I actually share how storytelling saved my life and how every day is an opportunity to write your new life story.

I’d love to speak to your team, your clients or your audiences and empower them to show up as theirMonique Bradley Keynote Speaker best and most authentic selves. Why? Because many of us have lived those lives of trying to fit in, to be part of the machine, to be acceptable. The reality is that life happens when we realise that our own sense of personal power and energy comes from showing up authentically, being mindful of who we are, and how we turn up at work or at home, being present and open with others, honouring their authentic selves, while we also honour ours.

Through my energetic, somewhat hilarious and educational keynotes, I can guarantee your people will have fun – which is one of the best ways to learn and grow, right?

So get in touch. I can’t wait to share my world of magic, mystery and undeniable MONIQUENESS with you – on my mission to help the world make their message meaningful.

Mauri ora,


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