Monique Bradley Communications Coach

Workplace and Team Workshops and Group Training

Workshops are a powerful way to connect, learn, grow and explore in a safe, positive environment. As a specialist in communication, I offer the following 3 interactive workshops:

How To Tell Better Business Stories

Communication is at the heart of human connection. Studies show that 'a well crafted story is remembered 70% better than information alone'. (Inc.com) My workshop on How to Tell Better Business Stories is an immersive, hands-on, full day workshop, designed to equip business professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs with the skills to craft compelling narratives that engage audiences, build brand loyalty, and drive business success. 

Through practical exercises and real-world examples, you'll learn how to transform data into memorable stories, convey your message with authenticity, and connect emotionally with your audience. You'll also discover how storytelling can elevate your business communication, inspire your team, and support your sales process. Ready to transform your storytelling skills? Get in touch for more information, be part of one of my upcoming workshops or invite me to facilitate this workshop in your workplace. 

Public Speaking Technique

Unlock the power of your voice with my dynamic public speaking workshops, designed to help you communicate with authenticity, confidence, and impact. Whether you're a business leader, entrepreneur, or emerging speaker, my workshops provide practical tools and personalized coaching to enhance your presentation skills. Learn how to craft compelling narratives, engage your audience, and present with poise through interactive exercises and expert guidance. With a focus on building presence, mastering vocal techniques, and overcoming public speaking anxiety, these workshops will transform your communication abilities and empower you to connect meaningfully with any audience. Join me and take your public speaking to the next level!

Team Dynamics, Leading Authentically & Communication

My workshop on Team Dynamics, Leading Authentically and Communication is designed to enhance your team's cohesion and performance through exploring personality types, learning styles, and communication strategies. We'll also explore various leadership communication techniques to foster authentic interactions and create a harmonious work environment. By learning to appreciate individual differences and leveraging diverse strengths, your team will be better equipped to collaborate effectively, resolve conflicts, and achieve common goals. Plus this workshop is guaranteed to be a lot of fun! Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you transform your team's dynamics and elevate your workplace through the power of authentic communication.

Please note: all workshops can be delivered in real life or virtually. Feel free to message me for an overview of the program.

Business Outcomes

  • Maximise team performance
  • Enhance communication between and across teams
  • De-escalate conflict and foster better connection by empowering authentic communication
  • Find your authentic speaking and communication style
  • Learn the tools for impactful speaking
  • Retain your best talent and decrease staff turnover
  • Improve productivity levels by enhancing engagement
  • Improve and sustain morale by fostering an environment of authenticity and inclusivity
  • Develop your unique leadership style
  • Learn how to get 'buy in' from teams, key stakeholders or clients

Facilitation fee: $3450 *

Catering not included, but can be added to your booking. Please contact me to find out more.

*ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX WHERE APPLICABLE. If travel is required outside of Auckland, travel and accommodation expenses are additional. Spaces are limited.