Visibility, Credibility & Profitability

Download this e-book from Speaking and Storytelling professional Monique Bradley and learn how to use storytelling to amp up your sales results!

Download this e book and Learn WHY storytelling is your competitive advantage in a crowded market!

With her extensive experience as a public speaker, TV presenter, and advocate for the power of storytelling, Monique Bradley offers readers a unique perspective on enhancing their sales strategy. This guide is not just about selling products or services; it's about engaging audiences, building trust, and creating lasting connections that drive success. In this e-book Monique draws from her rich background, including her remarkable tenure as a TV shopping presenter, to illustrate how storytelling can be the cornerstone of effective salesmanship.

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Expert Insights:

Benefit from Monique Bradley’s wealth of experience as she shares her journey and the lessons learned from years of engaging diverse audiences. This eBook encapsulates the essence of her expertise, offering you a roadmap to mastering the art of storytelling in sales.

Practical Strategies:

Unlike other resources that offer theoretical advice, Monique’s guide provides actionable strategies that you can apply immediately. From crafting compelling narratives to integrating stories into your sales pitch, you'll have a toolkit at your disposal to revolutionise your approach to sales.

Enhanced Engagement

Discover the secret to capturing and maintaining your audience's attention. In today’s competitive market, standing out is crucial. Learn how to use storytelling to make your brand memorable, fostering a deeper connection with potential customers and setting the stage for increased sales.

Boosted Conversion Rates

This eBook delves into how storytelling can not only attract leads but also convert them into customers. By building credibility and establishing an emotional connection through stories, you'll see a significant impact on your profitability. Monique provides evidence-backed techniques that have shown to enhance conversion rates and overall business success.



Monique has performed the
role of MC at many of our more prestigious national events and has entertained our audiences at conferences with uplifting energy bursts between speakers. Monique can adjust her approach to the audience and link the intent of the engagement. She is well-regarded by our members and key stakeholders, including our primary funding organisations.

Bill Butzbach

CEO United Fire Brigades Association Of NZ

Vanessa Bennett

Monique's exceptional talent as an MC has elevated our events to new heights.

Her ability to connect with both the audience and the subject matter is truly outstanding. Her passion, professionalism, and engaging presence make her an invaluable asset to our team.
Monique is one of NZs best voices and MC's.

Vanessa Bennett

Eye Magazine Editor

lesley nia nia

Thank you so much for your outstanding MCing. The audience was beautifully conducted through your mastery and I am so grateful.
The feedback we have received has shown our committee that when we concentrate on manaakitanga, it changes the wairua of the room.

Thank you so much e te tuahine ataahua. Tino miharo!!!

Lesley Nia Nia

NZ Country Music Entertainer of the Year Awards

So why Should You download this e-book?

"Visibility, Credibility & Profitability: Using Storytelling to Support your Sales Process" is more than just a guide; it's a transformative journey that redefines the sales experience. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a business owner, or someone in a sales role looking to elevate your strategy, Monique Bradley's insights will empower you to leverage storytelling in a way that achieves results. Download the eBook today and embark on a path to mastering the art of storytelling, transforming your sales process into an engaging, authentic, and profitable adventure.

About Monique Bradley

Monique Bradley is a master storyteller, educator, and performer whose career spans the realms of theatre, television, and education. With a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film and an ongoing pursuit of a Masters in Creative Practice, Monique's academic and professional journey reflects a deep commitment to the art of storytelling. From her early days as an award-winning children's entertainer to creating educational content and music, her voice has brought animations and branded content to life, including for notable projects like Xbox's Far Cry 3.

A familiar face on TV shopping channels in NZ and Australia, Monique has also hosted lifestyle-enhancing webinars and Sky TV Channel programs. Her passion for acting continues to thrive, with recent roles in TV, film, and notably, as the lead in the upcoming New Zealand film, "Morning Flo." Monique's vision extends into transforming business and professional environments with authenticity and play, utilising storytelling to make every corporate narrative engaging and every voice heard.

As a keynote speaker, she embarks on journeys of self-discovery, aligning educational and engaging stories with organisational needs. As an MC, Monique connects deeply with her audience, blending energy, humour, and authentic storytelling to ensure memorable events. Join Monique Bradley on a journey where storytelling transcends being merely a tool, becoming a transformative experience. Explore the unique magic and 'Moniqueness' she brings to every stage and story. Ka mau te wehi!

"Storytelling, to me, is the heartbeat of genuine connection. It transcends mere words, creating bridges between hearts and minds. Every story I tell, whether on stage, screen, or in a classroom, is an invitation to explore, to feel, and to transform together. It's not just about sharing experiences—it's about weaving a tapestry of understanding that enriches us all. This is the magic of storytelling; it's where we find our shared humanity and celebrate the diverse threads of our individual journeys." - Monique Bradley

Monique Bradley