Uncovering Authenticity WEBINAR: Navigating LIFE with the ME MODEL

Ready to SHOW UP and become the central character of your own life? Join me in this webinar to learn how your STATE determines your EXPERIENCE and how to transform from a supporting character of someone else's life to the CENTRAL CHARACTER of your OWN!

Ready to make 2024 your best year yet?

Hey! It's Monique Bradley here and I'd love you to join me for this upcoming webinar! In this 1-hour deep dive, we'll uncover the power of how 'your state determines your experience.' Ever feel like life is a storm, or perhaps you're stuck on that hamster wheel? I've been there, and I've found a way out.

What can you expect? 
From hilarious life lessons I learned from working in live TV to insights on understanding congruence and authenticity, I'll guide you through the intricacies of character and how to create and share the best version of YOU.  That all starts from something I created called the 'ME' model which is a framework of state management that is truly transformational plus you'll learn some of the basics of how to craft a SHOW UP Plan, and even gain wisdom from Te ao Maori. This is great for anyone looking to find their confidence, their voice and feel EMPOWERED.

Here's some of what we will cover:

Clarity on Your Current State

Together, we'll explore where you're at on the ME MODEL.

It's like a mirror reflecting your present state, offering profound insights into your journey.

Understanding Life's Rhythm

Ever wondered why life sometimes feels out of sync?

I'll share the secrets behind those moments and guide you on reconnecting with your authentic self.

Rewriting Your Life's


Your life is a narrative, and you're the author. I'll reveal the tools and strategies to help you rewrite your story, ensuring alignment, purpose, and a life that resonates with your true self.

I firmly believe that your state determines your experience.

Get ready to embark on a transformational adventure! Join me and a community of like-minded individuals as we unlock the potential within, understand our unique rhythms, and pave the way for an authentic and fulfilling life.

By the end, you'll not only have a clear understanding of where you're at but also the insights to synchronise with your authentic self. Let's rewrite your life's story and get you back on track to living your best life. Are you ready for transformation?


What People Are Saying About This  Webinar

Thank you

Thank you so much for today Monique. Got me emotional a few times at how spot-on it was for me. This was something everyone should attend and the amount of notes I wrote down with heaps of ideas and useful tips was great! 

I really appreciated it and thank you for inviting me

- Busy Mum & Entrepreneur

Jump on and hear this extraordinary Women

Monique Bradley thank you for sharing your story. I cried when the realisation that it's myself stopping myself was a breakthrough.

Thank you & I absolutely don't care what anyone thinks. I shouldn't have to conform! Felt some freedom today and can't wait to meditate to the recordings

- Fashion Stylist and Entrepreneur

So what's next?

Let's work together!

Ready to level up? If so, I offer several different options, from an online, self-directed personal transformation program (Launching February 2024), to One-on-One coaching, Workplace Workshops and training.

One on One Coaching

Ideal for those wanting a deeper look at their personality type, strengths, challenges and areas of growth. Also includes strategies to create a pathway to success and is the starting point for all interpersonal communication training.

Sessions run for up to 90 minutes. Spaces are limited, so get in touch!

Monique Bradley - Keynote Wellington

Reminder: your energy shapes the stories that you tell and the stories you tell shape your reality.

This is your reminder that from now on, be conscious of your words and the stories you tell.  

When it comes to writing the story of your life, are you the one holding the pen??  

If not, get in touch! Let's work together!