Discover Your Speaking Style: Unlock Confidence and Authenticity

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Discover Your Speaking Style: Unlock your Confidence and Authenticity!

Do you want to become a more confident and authentic speaker? Understanding your unique speaking style can be the key to unlocking your potential and connecting deeply with your audience. (Spoiler alert: Take my Speaking Style Quiz at the end of this article and discover which of the eight speaking personas best aligns with you.)

Each style has its own strengths, challenges, and ways to enhance your impact. Here’s a glimpse into each persona:

Inspirational Speaker

Embrace your inner Oprah Winfrey, uplifting and energising others through powerful storytelling. You connect deeply with audiences, sharing narratives that spark hope and motivate reflection. Balance emotional peaks with practical insights to ensure lasting impact.

Motivational Speaker

Like Tony Robbins, you energise and propel audiences towards achieving their goals. Your speeches are catalysts for change, driving people to set targets and push past their limits. Integrate follow-up resources to maintain momentum and personalise stories to reflect diverse experiences.

Transformational Speaker

Follow in the footsteps of Brené Brown, guiding audiences through journeys of self-discovery. Your speeches spark profound personal and professional growth. Use relatable stories and encourage audience participation with thought-provoking questions.

Informational Speaker

Like Neil deGrasse Tyson, transform complex information into accessible knowledge. Your presentations are packed with data and analysis, delivered with clarity. Use visual aids and real-world applications to make complex data relatable and ensure engagement.

Educational Speaker

Like Bill Nye or Sir Ken Robinson, you excel at breaking down complex concepts into understandable chunks. You make learning accessible and enjoyable, adapting your methods to different learning styles. Your sessions are interactive and deeply informative. To enhance your impact, integrate real-life applications to connect theory to practice and use interactive elements like Q&As or small group discussions.


Channel your inner Jillian Michaels with engaging, dynamic presentations that develop specific skills. You’re skilled at making sessions actionable and transformative. To maximise your impact, incorporate simulations and role-playing for real-time practice and feedback, and break down complex tasks into manageable steps.


Embody the skills of Anderson Cooper, guiding discussions and ensuring all viewpoints are considered. You create spaces where participants feel valued and contribute meaningfully. Use structured activities to foster engagement and employ active listening to summarise and reflect participants’ inputs accurately.


Channel Iyanla Vanzant, providing personalised support and guidance for profound personal growth. You excel in creating trust and empowerment. Implement structured goal-setting workshops and regular feedback sessions to help clients articulate their aspirations and assess progress.

Take the Quiz Today!

Ready to discover your unique speaking style? Take the Speaking Style Quiz and unlock the secrets to becoming a more confident and authentic speaker. Whether you’re an Educational Speaker, a Trainer, a Facilitator, a Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, a Motivational Speaker, a Transformational Speaker, or an Informational Speaker, there’s a path to enhancing your impact and connecting deeply with your audience. Embrace your strengths, overcome your challenges, and transform your speaking engagements with authenticity and confidence.