Engaging Virtual Audiences: The Art of Online Communication and Virtual Presentation

Monique Bradley - Green Screen Presenter - keynote speaker

Engaging Virtual Audiences: The Art of Online Communication and Virtual Presentation

I love delivering virtual keynotes, online seminars and webinars so if you’re a speaker or considering delivering more of your coaching or educational content through online platforms, let’s talk about something super relevant in today’s world: engaging virtual audiences. Whether it’s a webinar, an online workshop, or a virtual keynote, the way we connect with our audience online can make a world of difference, so today I’m going to share some expert tips to make your virtual presentations unforgettable.

Bringing Your Authentic Self Online

Remember, even through a screen to allow your authenticity to shine! Rachel Sheerin, an expert on virtual speaking, emphasises the importance of being your genuine self. Share personal stories and let your personality sparkle. This makes your audience feel like they’re in the room with you, creating a stronger connection​​.

Connecting Before the Event

A little prep goes a long way. Reach out to your audience or event planners beforehand to understand their expectations and tailor your presentation accordingly. This personal touch shows that you care about delivering value and not just another speech​​.

Keep Your Virtual Presentation Interactive

Engaging your audience is key! Use polls, Q&A sessions, or breakout rooms to make your session interactive. It’s not just about talking to them; it’s about creating a conversation. This keeps everyone involved and interested.

Storytelling and Humour: Your Best Friends

Who doesn’t love a good story or a laugh? Weave in stories that resonate with your audience. A touch of humor can also lighten the mood and keep your audience hooked. Just remember to keep it relevant and tasteful.

Using Visuals Effectively In Your Virtual Presentation

In a virtual setting, your visuals are super important. Use slides, videos, or graphics that complement your talk. They should be clear, engaging, and, most importantly, add value to your message.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, practicing is still key, even online. Run through your presentation, test your tech, and get comfortable with the virtual tools at your disposal. A smooth delivery will boost your confidence and engage your audience more effectively.


Transforming your virtual speaking skills isn’t rocket science; it’s about being authentic, prepared, interactive, and a bit playful. Embrace these tips, and you’ll be on your way to captivating virtual audiences in no time!