Monique’s 6 M’s of Change

Monique Bradley 6 M's of Change Model

Monique’s 6 M’s of Change

Kia ora. Monique Bradley here. I often get people asking me: ‘How do you manage to achieve everything you do?”

And I do a lot.

To be honest, I find it hard to sit still. I’m never usually bored and I’m always open to learning and growth. I’ve also always espoused that our brains are capable of extraordinary things and that all of our brains have incredible superpowers. Mine was born with a million words inside it and as a curious lifelong learner, I’m always looking for ways to create order or make sense of the world.

That’s just how my brain is wired.

As a keynote speaker, I’m always looking for ways to break concepts and ideas into simple forms that audiences can understand, reflect on, and consider how that concept or learning model works for them. Most of us love to find a teachable model that either has its basis in an Acronym or uses alliteration to ensure the concept is memorable. I created the 6M’s of Change based on chats with my partner Pete Ward and Brother Butch Bradley, also a gifted orator and speaker who started out in Radio and then moved into TV as a presenter. The model started formulating in my brain during a Zoom call about a project and BOOM, a way of explaining how I move and make lasting change and growth happen, was born.

The 6 M’s of Change Model

Brother Butch often reminds me that ‘We live on a round planet…’ and this holds true as a metaphor for the 6 M’s of Change Model. The model is circular and cyclical because it represents a continuous process of growth and evolution and I’m convinced that for as long as we’re alive, we never stop learning and growing.

Here’s how the model works:

Motivation: The Heartbeat of Change. Motivation is the pulsating force that propels us forward. It’s that deep, resonant pulse that fuels our desires for change. It’s essential to identify what truly motivates you, as this emotional drive will be the engine for your transformation. Reflect on your passions, aspirations, and the deep desires that spark excitement within you. What do you want to achieve? Your motivations will serve as your guiding light, keeping you focused and committed.

Mindset: Shaping Your Reality. Mindset is the lens through which we perceive and interpret the world. Cultivating a growth mindset is about embracing challenges, learning from failures, and believing in your capacity for change. Challenge limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and write new narratives. Develop affirmations and positive self-talk to foster a resilient and empowered mindset. Your mindset shapes your reality, so I consciously choose one of growth, possibility, and self-empowerment.

Map: Charting Your Course. Imagine your goals as a distant island, and the map is your guide to navigate the seas of change. Crafting a clear map is about defining your destination and plotting the course to get there. Once you’ve clearly defined your destination and broken down the journey into achievable milestones anything is possible! What steps can you take to move closer to your goals? You can consider creating a visual representation of your map, whether it’s a vision board or a written plan. I love mapping things out using big sheets of paper and loads of post-it’s. Having a clear map ensures you stay on course, even when faced with challenges. It also gives you a definitive guide of what to say YES and NO to.

Movement: Taking Purposeful Steps. Transformation is an active process, and movement is about taking intentional steps toward your goals. Identify specific actions aligned with your aspirations. These actions can be small, manageable, and intentional steps that accumulate over time. Whether it’s developing new habits, acquiring new skills, or making conscious choices, movement is the tangible expression of your commitment to change.

Momentum: The Magic of Progress. As your steps become strides, momentum builds. Momentum is the force that propels you forward once movement is in motion. Celebrate every small win and milestone along the way. Each success contributes to building momentum, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of progress. Momentum is your ally; it makes the journey smoother and more fulfilling. Acknowledge your achievements, no matter how modest, and let them fuel your ongoing transformation. It works!

Mastery: Mastery signifies the continuous refinement and improvement of skills and knowledge as you progress along your transformative journey. It involves becoming an expert in the areas relevant to your goals, fostering expertise, and embracing a commitment to lifelong learning. Mastery reflects the ongoing process of honing your capabilities and deepening your understanding, contributing to sustained growth and excellence.

And if you’re like me and you need a visual list of how to use the model to activate change in your life, here it is!

Remember, the 6 M’s work synergistically. Motivation initiates the journey, mindset shapes the experience, the map provides direction, movement propels you forward, and momentum sustains your progress leading you to Mastery. It’s a holistic approach that addresses the various facets of personal and professional transformation and gives you a visual representation of where you’re at and what to do next.

So are you ready for change? Why not give this a go and let me know how you get on!

Stay fabulous.

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