Struggling with communication? Here’s the secret to being understood and understanding others: learning styles!

monique bradley communication learning styles

Struggling with communication? Here’s the secret to being understood and understanding others: Learning styles!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve shared a number of ideas and felt they have ‘landed on deaf ears’?

Were you the child at school who was told off for fidgeting when you were supposed to ‘sit still on the mat’?

Have you ever been accused of talking too much?

We all communicate in unique ways and part of that is based around our unique learning styles. If you’ve ever been profiled in the workplace, tried one of those ‘Learning Style’ tests and learned that you’re a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic communicator, then you’ve seen through the window of the world of learning and communication styles, however in the years of research I’ve done around communication, I learned that we’re not just one learning style, but potentially a unique mix of all styles at different stages of the communication process.

Understanding how our own brains input, processes and output information can help us learn more effectively. This model of learning is often attributed to Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, who was known for his research on cognitive development in children and it piqued my interest when I was working as a specialist educational entertainer in the early childhood sector many years ago and delivering educational personal development workshops for teachers around the benefits of storytelling for early childhood development. My findings were fascinating and a game changer for the educators in my workshops.


When it comes to communicating with others, whether we’re giving a presentation at work or having a conversation with a loved one, understanding the recipient’s unique communication needs allows you to tailor your delivery and create greater impact with your message.

In the video above I share insights into how learning styles and the process of learning works. And if this resonates with you and you’re ready to amp up your interpersonal communications, reach out! Words and communication are powerful tools and once you understand how to use them consciously and effectively, all kinds of magic can happen.

Trust me on this.