Uncovering Authenticity Podcast – Episode 1 – Sebastian Obermeier.

sebastian obermeier

Sebastian Obermeier established CoverMania in 2005 after having worked for 25 years in the international sail and canvas industry, however his journey to get there has been nothing short of a global adventure.

Sebastian started working in the industry when he joined his father’s business, Obermeier Segel (Sails), in 1988 in Germany. During this time he completed an apprenticeship as a Sailmaker. After a short stint sailmaking in Australia he moved to NZ where he worked for 5 years for Boyd & MacMasters, Doyle Sails and Dave Giddens Sailmakers.

He next worked with Cool Awnings for 7 Years during which time he started Covermania in 2005 as a sole trader and incorporated the company in 2008. In this podcast, Sebastian shares his fascinating story, about the power of trusting yourself, trusting the universe and being open to possibilities.

Listen, learn and enjoy.

Connect with Sebastian here: https://covermania.co.nz/

Produced by Pete Ward at the Brown St Studios.