Uncovering Authenticity Podcast – Episode 2 – Vanessa Bennett

vanessa bennett
vanessa bennett

Vanessa Bennett is a CEO, editor and publisher of Eye Magazine and in this episode, shares her philosophy on aging, authenticity and that real beauty is an inside job.

Vanessa’s passion for high-quality magazines combined with more than 25 years of industry experience creates a perfect combination for her clients, which is why in 2014, Vanessa created Panic PR.NZ and Panic PR.AU, to ensure her clients were receiving tailored and effective public relations solutions.

The launch of Chinese Eye Magazine in Spring 2016 further highlights Vanessa’s understanding of the luxury market. Not only does this encourage Chinese consumers to invest in New Zealand businesses but also showcases what our country has to offer to this growing global market.

Her passion for her clients is what drives her, as does her belief that everyone is beautiful. So tune in, learn a few truths about what really goes on in the fashion and beauty industry and learn from this gorgeous human about what living authentically is really all about.

Connect with Vanessa here: https://www.panicpr.co.nz/

Produced LIVE by Pete Ward at the Brown Street Studios.