Uncovering Authenticity Podcast – Episode 4 – Jon Randles

jon randles
JOn Randles

Ready to grow your business? Then you need to meet Jon Randles.

He helps business owners get results FASTER than they would on their own. With a degree in English Literature and Classical Studies and a career that includes being a truck driver, telemarketer, GM of a Language school in Japan, a Business Banking Manager with ANZ, and co-founder of a successful marketing agency, Jon draws on a wide range of experience when it comes to helping business owners. A Cambridge course in 2005 enhanced his training ability, and he has honed those skills in classrooms, boardrooms, and Zoom ‘rooms’ ever since.

Jon started a business over a decade ago that had great clients and fast growth, but it wasn’t as profitable as he thought it should be – especially with the efforts Jon and his team were putting in. He brought in an advisor to work with him and his co-owners to shine a light on key areas of the business. Within 12 months their turnover was up 32%, net profit was up a whopping 870% and their bank account went from being in the red to over 6 figures.

The business got to a stage where it didn’t need him to work in it every day, so he made the step to help other business owners in a structured coaching and advising role, utilising the wisdom and experience he gained during his own business transformation. In this episode you’ll get an insider view into Jon’s extraordinary journey, what fuels him to help businesses excel and the secrets to business success.

To connect with Jon, visit here website here: https://jonrandles.co/

Recorded LIVE by Pete Ward at Brown Street Studios.