Uncovering Authenticity Podcast – Episode 5 – Cameron Dick & Maryann Whyte

cam and maryann
vital solar team

Been thinking about getting off the grid? Here’s why it’s not just a nice to have, but fast becoming a necessity. Vital Solar was founded by Cameron Dick, a forward-thinking Kiwi with a passion for learning more about renewable energy.

Whenever possible, he attends conferences overseas to understand what is happening in other regions in the renewable energy sector and has a genuine interest in educating people about what we can do to move away from using fossil fuels.

An electrician by trade, Cam is also the founder and director of Vital Electrical Ltd, a successful business he started 10 years ago. With a strong team of 7 experienced electricians and solar panel system installers, Vital has become a reputable brand known for providing innovative products and no-nonsense service for residential clients as well as some of Auckland’s biggest companies.

Joining Cam in this episode is the effervescent Sales & Customer Experience Superstar Maryann Whyte who is equally excited about renewable energy and ways to implement energy-smart systems in your home or business. It’s the way of the future. They’re not hardcore greenies. They don’t preach environmentalism. But they DO believe we all have a responsibility and an opportunity to do a little bit each day to look after our planet.

To connect with Cam, Maryann and the team visit their website: https://vitalsolar.co.nz/

Recorded LIVE by Pete Ward at Brown Street Studios.