Uncovering Authenticity Podcast – Episode 6 – Heidi Verhulst & Carl Heens

Heidi Verhulst & Carl Heens
heidi and carl

When it comes to quality, nothing beats Exceptional Flavours. With a passion for quality and for people, Heidi Verhulst & Carl Heens of Exceptional Flavours are a delightful force to be reckoned with.

They are a powerhouse team bringing premium and luxury alcohol brands from their home country of Belgium to discerning and cultured palettes here in NZ. And what’s fascinating is that each beverage has it’s own origin unique story……!

With a range of award-winning beverages on offer, their passion is to share unique high-end Belgium Beers and Spirits, brewed or distilled through incredible craftsmanship, perfected over several generations, since the 19th century – however it’s the passion for their customers experiencing the best that really drives them. That’s what makes them both, exceptional.

Listen, learn and enjoy.

To find out more about these amazing people and their incredible product range, visit their website here: https://exceptionalflavours.co.nz/

Recorded LIVE by Pete Ward at the Brown Street Studios.