Uncovering Authenticity Podcast – Episode 8 – Peter Altman

peter altman
Peter Altman

Communication is at the heart of human connection. And no-one knows this better than Peter Altman. I met Peter at Toastmasters Remuera where he delivered an emotive 8 minute speech that really made me take notice. It was on parenting and his thoughts were evocative, challenging and brilliant all at the same time.

As the former President of Tough Love NZ – and a Dad himself – Peter knows a thing or too about parenting, and in particular how to deal with challenging situations as a parent.

As we all know, it’s not easy. Kids aren’t born with a handbook on how to parent them. And every child is so unique in how they communicate, and articulating their needs. So what can you do?

In this chat, I share an open conversation about his experiences, dealing with challenging teens and finish up with a great piece of wisdom worth watching till the end for.

Recorded LIVE by Pete Ward at Brown Street Studios.