How to Transform your STATE and your LIFE using Inversion Thinking

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How to Transform your STATE and your LIFE using Inversion Thinking

Have you ever noticed that it’s sometimes easier to find all the things that are going wrong with our lives and sometimes struggle to find what we’re truly grateful for?  You are not alone my friends!  If we haven’t met before, I’m Monique Bradley – a keynote speaker in authenticity, conscious and intentional communication and storytelling. Think of me as your motivation buddy!

Today I wanted to delve into the fascinating workings of our minds, because I talk to audiences about what I call ‘brain to brain communication’ and I wanted to share something with you called the ‘Problem-Finding Bias’ and a practice called ‘Inversion Thinking’ which can be transformative tools for personal and professional development and something I cover in my webinars and workshops.

Your brain is truly remarkable

Our brains are naturally hard wired to identify problems more than solutions. Crazy right? This incredible ability is deeply rooted in our evolutionary biology and has been essential for our survival. It enabled our ancestors to recognise threats and navigate the challenges of a harsh and unpredictable world and even today, this bias still plays a critical role in how we perceive and interact with our environment. This is why it’s easier to sit back and complain about everything we don’t like about our lives than it is to be grateful!  But what if I told you that this was actually a powerful tool to flip your thinking and your STATE? 

One of the things I often share is that ‘your state determines your experience’ so if you’re bogged down in that negative mindset, how are you going to attract and create a brilliant, amazing and authentic life? 

Introducing – Inversion Thinking

Inspired by Charles Munger who was an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist., Inversion thinking is a really powerful approach to shift your perspectives and your state, involving creative reversal – which is where you identify all the potential ‘fails’ in life right now, negative experiences and outcomes. Basically all the stuff we don’t like. Then, with this awareness, we can turn these insights on their head, and chart a course towards success. It’s like having a roadmap where every ‘wrong turn’ is a signpost guiding us in the right direction.

Focusing on Threats for Survival & Growth

Our focus on threats and negative outcomes, a survival mechanism passed down through generations, is more than just a protective instinct. It’s a tool for resilience and adaptability in our modern lives. By acknowledging and understanding these innate tendencies, we can harness them to foster growth, resilience, and success in our personal and professional endeavours.

If you’d like to experience this practice in action, click the button below this article to head to my recent webinar recording where I discuss this process and add a little ‘Moniqueness’ to the exercise and help you write a game plan to shift your state, activating you get back into the drivers seat of your life!!!!

Remember, every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Look back to learn, look forward to succeed!  You’ve got this!