Group Speaker Training – One Off Session

$680.00 (Inc tax)

Trial my transformative speaker training and start the journey of unlocking the potential within you. In this one-off session, we’ll delve into your groups’ unique stories, cover basic speaking techniques and chart a course towards authentic communication, leadership, or sales success. Great for an overview session, content review or to rehearse your content before a group presentation.



Group Speaker Training – One Off Session (up to 5 people)

Group coaching can be delivered as a one-off boot camp-style session which will provide participants with the following

Personalised Plan: Based on how each participant presents, I’ll provide feedback on areas of competency, areas for development and basic tools for immediate speaker transformation. This may include tips and tricks on how to eliminate ‘ums and ah’s’ through to both verbal and non-verbal communication tools.

Insightful Knowledge: I will explain WHY speakers get stuck in particular areas, or patterns of behaviour or habits, as I firmly believe that knowledge is power! Much of the work I do is a mix of theatre and public speaking techniques fused together with science to ensure that speakers aren’t just heard: their messages are seen, felt and remembered.

Empowerment: Through this power-packed session, participants will have fun and leave with some basic skills and areas for growth as a speaker.

This can be a great team building exercise or valuable for a team that need to prepare for a group presentation.