Public Speaking Group Training Program (10 Sessions)

$5,990.00 (Inc tax)

Ready to break free from communication challenges, find your voice and find your confidence? Love the idea of doing this with your team or networking group? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together! Connect with me, and let’s unleash the full potential of your speaking voice. Your story matters, and I’m here to help you share it authentically.



Public Speaking Group Training Program (10 Sessions)

Does the idea of developing your confidence as a speaker alongside members of your team or networking group sound appealing? Do you struggle with what to say and how to say it?  Does the thought of getting up in front of an audience make you feel really uncomfortable, but you know you need to do it?  My unique training program provides all participants with the opportunity to learn and grow your skills as a speaker incrementally, allowing you to modify and polish your speaking style as we build your confidence, your repertoire of stories and content, and teach you the fundamentals of conscious, intentional and impactful delivery.

Much like the one-on-one 10-week program, we cover all of the same topics and content – as listed below – however, every participant is on their own learning journey in the lead-up to their own outcomes.

Every session, participants are also given impromptu speech topics to deliver on, that align with business storytelling content, allowing them to develop their skills utilising speechmaking frameworks, taught to them in the first 3 foundational sessions.

It’s a lot of fun, a load of learning and a great way to start testing your content on a dedicated audience, providing you with the opportunity to gain real-time feedback.

This program is designed to cater to the needs of 5 participants and includes:

  • Presentation, confidence and speaker coaching
  • Working with you to create and refine the content for your dedicated presentation
  • Strategies and frameworks on how to use storytelling and effective and authentic communication in your sales process (without feeling like you’re selling)
  • Dealing with nerves, speaking anxieties and breathing for speaking
  • Mastering conscious and intentional communication: language patterns that WORK
  • State management and resilience as a speaker
  • Creating impact as a speaker and communicator through the use of pitch, pace, pause, emphasis and inflection
  • How to develop an authentic connection with your audience
  • Speaking styles: informational, inspirational, motivational and transformational and how to use them successfully
  • Crafting the perfect PowerPoint and best practices for delivery
  • Nonverbal communication: gesture, body language, micro-expressions and posture
  • Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal!

PLUS – I’ll organise an event where you can all showcase your content and new found speaking abilities!

Each member of the program, will also receive a copy of my own speakers and communicators handbook, loaded with helpful tips and tricks on how to become a more intentional presenter and speaker, AND you’ll also receive a Wealth Dynamics Personality Profiling Test valued at $97 (USD), so we can work together to craft your unique vocabulary that is authentic to you.